Lá means Leaf in Vietnamese, we are a small studio (2 humans and 3 cats) based in Saigon, Vietnam.

We are working mainly on children book illustration. At the moment, we are processing 2 graphic novel/comic projects, they will be released in the near future hopefully. Our team members received awards from some contests for illustrators and writers in Vietnam.


Graduated from Van Lang University, Saigon, Vietnam, his major was Graphic Design. He worked as a designer for a year after his graduation, then quit and joined Lá Studio where he became an illustrator, (soon to be) a graphic novel artist and the chief carpenter. His hobby is searching fun things to do rather than focusing on his on-going job, he has the amazing talent of distraction.


Graduated from University of Economics, Saigon, Vietnam. However, she started to work as a comic artist right after her graduation and then, an illustrator in Lá Studio. After several years of working, she got the urge of studying more about illustration, abroad (which is more important). She decided to have a gap year to attend a MA course of Illustration and Bookarts at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK. Her aim for the course to to have her artistic style more defined and fight agaist her sleepy-all-day sickness.

*Update: she graduated succesfully yay!


Being rescued from a trash bin, he was predicted that he couldn’t get alive because of critical condition of diarrhea. But he made it and became the first Food Crashing Machine of Lá Studio. From a starving cat, he now transforms to a super fat cat with an infinite love for Royal Canin. Despite his villain face, Mùng always proves that he is the best mom ever for the kittens who we rescue and foster in our Studio.


Suddenly appeared in a neighbor’s flower pot, he went straight to our studio and decided to settle down here. He is Mùng’s rival in the competition of best Food Crashing Machine. Lately, he decided to become a dog and eat all of our trash in the room, including plastic bag, carton box, electric wires, canvas pictures... Consequently, our studio becomes tidy, cleaner to the extent of transforming to minimalsim style thanks to Chau.


He's our smallest son and the last member of the Three Canins da band along with Mung and Bot. Although having the Al-White look, he is the laziest in sun bathing. He has the talent in choosing the dirtiest place to lie. But after all, he's still the cutie of the group.

Our clients: Nuinui Publisher (Italia), Baibuk Group (Spain), Brother and I (US), Samsung Publisher

(Korea), Story Time Magazine (UK), Nha Nam Publisher, Kim Dong Publishing House (Vietnam)  

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